Types of Massage

Deep Tissue (Remedial) Massage

The opportunities for better health & well-being run deep

Deep tissue massage is different to other massage therapies because it targets the deepest layers of our body. Muscle tissue, tendons and ligaments are just some of the areas treated by deep tissue massage.

Your n8 Health massage therapist uses intense slow strokes to release deep-seated tension and toxins. We can target specific areas of concern or give you a full-body overhaul. You may experience some tenderness in massaged areas. But in the following days you will enjoy a better range of movement, less pain and greater relaxation.

Benefits of deep tissue massage include:

Experience these rejuvenating benefits today. Contact n8 health to book your deep tissue massage

Therapeutic Massage

Get your body functioning at its full potential

Therapeutic massage relaxes while relieving pain and chronic health conditions. Our customised therapeutic massage can fit easily into conventional health treatment programmes. Or simply form an important element of your personal wellness plan.

Benefits of therapeutic massage include:

You deserve to experience the ultimate in body balance and condition. Contact n8 health to book your therapeutic massage

Pregnancy Massage

Blissful relaxation for mother and child.

CONGRATULATIONS on your coming new arrival. Pregnancy is a time of great joy and discovery for women. But as your body changes to accommodate baby, it is normal to experience some ‘growing pains’. And coming life changes along with these physical changes can be stressful at times. n8 health’s pregnancy massage is designed especially to provide relaxation and comfort to expectant mum’s.

Throughout your pregnancy massage, your n8 health massage therapist will ensure your body and baby are expertly supported. This is your time to nurture yourself through this time of change. As you do, baby will benefit too.

Benefits of pregnancy massage include:

Is massage safe during my pregnancy?

n8 health massage therapists are highly skilled and trained. But we would never recommend you have a pregnancy massage unless you have cleared this with your obstetrician or midwife.

Your pregnancy massage can work in wonderful complement to your wider pregnancy care and birth plan. Just be sure to confirm your physician is comfortable with this before you book your massage.

Nurture yourself and your precious developing baby. Contact n8 health to book your pregnancy massage

Relaxation Massage

Let the stress of your day simply slip away……..

Today’s modern lifestyle is one of fast pace and heavy commitments. Stress that arises from your day-to-day obligations can take a toll on your well-being. So restore a sense of equilibrium and rejuvenation with a n8 Health relaxation massage.

Come in…lie down on our restful massage bed…and let every expert massage stroke sweep away tension. Relaxation massage involves the purposeful application of pressure to key muscle areas across your body. You will feel circular and sweeping stroke motions that promote full body relaxation. Gently scented massage oil achieves smooth movement for improved blood flow.

Benefits of relaxation massage:

Soothe away the stress of your day. Contact n8 Health to book your Relaxation massage. 

Ask us about the benefits of combining aromatherapy with your relaxation massage too. 

Aromatherapy Massage

Mind, body, spirit – all are essential pillars of your wellbeing. Even if one pillar is out of sync your health will feel the negative effects.

Since ancient times, the power of scent has been used to energise, uplift and calm. Combined with relaxation massage the use of essential oils can offer immediate benefits to wellbeing. We call this aromatherapy massage.

Our n8health massage therapist will select aromatherapy oils based on your current state of wellbeing. Your personal blend of aromatherapy oils will be burned throughout your relaxation massage. Breathe deeply as the room fills with therapeutic scent. Your massage therapist may also use aromatherapy oils directly on your skin.

Some benefits of aromatherapy massage can include:

Experience the rejuvenating power of scent today. Contact n8 health to book your aromatherapy massage.

Hot Stone Massage

Let warmth and comfort envelope your entire body as you quiet your mind.

Melt into a beautiful hot stone massage to emerge renewed. From top to toe, your body can only enjoy healthy relaxation and calm when it is in harmony.

Our n8health massage therapist carefully tests the temperature and weight of each stone before they touch your body. Using both healing hands and the stones themselves, your massage therapist will deliver a deep, relaxing massage.

Benefits of hot stone massage include:

Leave no stone unturned in seeking ultimate health & wellbeing. Contact n8health to book your Hot Stone massage.


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