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Welcome to the n8 Health Echuca Chiropractic.

You will find information, exercises and health tips that you can use today to start feeling healthier. N8 Chiropractors are trained and experienced in Chiropractic care, offering you appealing solutions to spinal and health concerns, right here in Echuca.

Chiropractic care and specific spinal re-education exercises aim to provide a natural means of experiencing greater health, flexibility, and energy for your daily tasks.

Whether it is at work rest or play, reduced spinal cord and nerve pressure allows you to step back into the flow of life.

Your chiropractor will listen thoroughly to your health issues, perform a thorough examination and suggest approaches for you to turn your health around.

Most importantly, n8 Chiropractors work closely with other health professionals, when appropriate, to provide wholistic assessment and treatment programs all under one roof . Enjoy the convenience and effectiveness of having a broad range of health professionals committed to all you health needs.

Meet our Team

Dr. Justin Webb
B.App.Sci.(comp.med.) m.Chiropractic.

Justin was born and bred in Bendigo and knows the surrounding areas well. He married Jess in March 2018, welcoming their first child, Noah in March 2020 followed by baby Cohen in 2023.

In 2011 Justin completed his degree and graduated as the graduate of the year from RMIT University in Melbourne. He received a Bachelor of Applied Science and Master of Clinical Chiropractic.

He was also awarded with the Academic Excellence Award, with Excellence in Chiropractic Sciences and Excellence in Diagnostic Sciences.

He is available for consultation in Echuca on Monday , Wednesday, Thursday & Friday and in Kyabram on Tuesday 8am-4pm.

Dr. Matthew McLindon
B.App.Sci. (Chiropractic)

Matthew is a second generation chiropractor and his family includes five chiropractors, so you could say chiropractic was ‘in his blood’ from an early age.

He graduated from RMIT in 1999 with a Bachelor of Chiropractic Science and a Bachelor of Clinical Science. He began work in Shepparton and then made the move to Echuca after marrying Kate, to set up his own practice and start a family. Kate and Matt have four very loved children Xavier, Vincent, Genevieve and Anastasia. Matt and Kate ran their own successful multidisciplinary health practice for twenty years before making the big life decision to join N8 Echuca.

Matt is really enjoying the move to N8 which has allowed him to focus on delivering quality chiropractic care to his patients without the extra responsibilities and pressures which come from running a busy practice. He has found being part of a chiropractic team very rewarding.

Matt is passionate about chiropractic and it’s simple yet very effective way of helping people live happy and healthy lives. He has certainly seen his fair share of ‘chiropractic miracles’ over the years which give him a real sense of fulfilment in practice. Matt is also passionate about ‘health equity’ especially as it relates to rural towns and has been very involved in policy formulation in Canberra over the years. He has been involved in Hands on Health Australia for over twenty years helping to deliver voluntary chiropractic care to the underprivileged in Echuca/Moama.

When not in the office Matt loves spending time with Kate and the kids on their hobby farm. He can also be seen ‘treading the boards’ in many different roles in the local theatre company with his family as well.

He is available for consultation in Echuca – Monday 1-5.30pm, Wednesday all day & Friday 9-1pm. 

Dr. Michelle Foster
B.App.Sci. (Chiropractic)

Michelle grew up in Melbourne where she studied chiropractic at RMIT.

After she graduated she moved to Hamilton to work as an associate and where she met her husband, Adrian.

Since then she has had experience as a locum and running her own chiropractic practice. Michelle has been in Echuca for 12 years and loves working with people to treat their chronic health problems. She has a special interest in Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET) which she went to America to be examined and is now certified in.

She has two beautiful daughters and balances chiropractic with being a Mum.

Michelle is available consultation Tuesday 10am-5.30pm, Wednesday 9.10am-12.40pm, Thursday 10am-5.30pm, Friday 9.10am-12.30pm and Saturday 8.30am-12pm

Dr. Nicholas Couchman
B.H.Sci. B.App.Sci. (Chiropractic)

 Nicholas joined the n8 health team in June 2021.

Nicholas grew up in Echuca and regularly saw the N8 team for his Chiropractic adjustments!

Nich has been passionate about Chiropractic since adolescence having received chiropractic care ever since he was a child.

He was always involved in sport including basketball, soccer, football and athletics, therefore it was important that he regularly received musculoskeletal and neurological care to thrive.

Nich studied in Melbourne at RMIT for five years, obtaining a Bachelor of Health Science and a Bachelor of Applied Science (Chiropractic), throughout this time he volunteered at multiple community clinics throughout Melbourne to help those in need who could not afford Chiropractic care.

Continuing to hone in on his passion and advance his skill set, Nich has also attended multiple seminars on paediatric Chiropractic care including the renowned Inspiral paediatric seminar and The Vital Child seminar.

When Nich isn’t working he likes to play basketball, relax by a woodfire with his family and take his dog Percy on walks throughout the bushland.

Overall, Nich hopes to help entire families from babies to grandparents achieve an optimal state of wellbeing so they can live life to the fullest!

Nicholas is available for consultation in Echuca on Tuesday 1.30-5.30p and Thursdays 9am-1pm & Saturday 8.30am-12noon and Kyabram Monday 10a-5.30p & Wednesday 9am-5.30pm and Friday 12noon-4pm.


Dr. Chris Knight
b.ND. m.chiro

Chris joined the n8 team in February 2022.

Chris has completed a bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics, as well as a masters of Chiropractic at Macquarie University in Sydney.

His passion for health and fitness began early having played all sports from a young age. He has now progressed to coaching CrossFit for the past five years and he understands the complete requirements involved in not only feeling well but moving well too.

Chris’s passion for Chiropractic and spinal health came to fruition in  2016 having had back pain for several years and seeing many health practitioners to try and fix it. The spinal adjustments he received from a chiropractor not only helped his back pain but inspired him to provide the same services for people in the future. From that point forward, Chris has attended many Gonstead chiropractic seminars to further his adjusting skills to help others to the best of his ability.

When Chris isn’t working he enjoys good food, good company including his dog and working out to stay healthy.

Chris has moved to Echuca from Sydney & is looking forward to exploring this area.

You can find Chris consulting most days  in Echuca, Tuesday all day, Thursday 2:30-5.30pm, Friday- 12-4.30pm & Saturday 8:30am-12noon. Kyabram Wednesday 2.00p-5.00p and Deniliquin Monday 12noon-5.30p & Thursday 9a-12.30p


Dr. Seamus Hoffmann
B.H.Sci. B.App.Sci (Chiropractic)

Seamus joined the n8 team in April 2023.

Seamus grew up in Ballarat, before moving to a farm in Ballan, later in his schooling years. After school, he moved to Melbourne to continue his studies in Chiropractic. He has recently graduated from RMIT University with a Bachelor of Health Science and a Bachelor of Applied Science(Chiropractic). During his time at University, Seamus has been involved in several community clinics including sport, elderly and indigenous communities to provide Chiropractic care for those who need it.

Growing up, Seamus has always been heavily involved in sport and therefore has a keen interest in sporting injuries, to improve one’s mobility and their return to the field or daily activities. Seamus’ passion for Chiropractic developed through several personal sporting injuries, where he found Chiropractic care was best suited. Now being a graduate Chiropractor himself, Seamus strives to provide the best and most suitable care for all walks of life.

When Seamus is not in the office, he enjoys watching the Blues win, playing footy and fixing his slice on the golf course. He also has an interest in quality coffee.

You can find Seamus consulting most days in Echuca, Monday – all day, Wednesday 12noon-5.30pm, Thursday- 2pm-5.30pm & Saturday- fortnightly 8:30a-12noon. Kyabram Thursday 9am-1pm. Deniliquin Tuesday -9am-6pm & Friday 9a-1.30pm.


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