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Welcome to the n8 Health Castlemaine Chiropractic.

You will find information, exercises and health tips that you can use today to start feeling healthier. N8 Chiropractors are trained and experienced in Chiropractic care, offering you appealing solutions to spinal and health concerns, right here in Echuca.

Chiropractic care and specific spinal re-education exercises aim to provide a natural means of experiencing greater health, flexibility, and energy for your daily tasks.

Whether it is at work rest or play, reduced spinal cord and nerve pressure allows you to step back into the flow of life.

Your chiropractor will listen thoroughly to your health issues, perform a thorough examination and suggest approaches for you to turn your health around.

Most importantly, n8 Chiropractors work closely with other health professionals, when appropriate, to provide wholistic assessment and treatment programs all under one roof . Enjoy the convenience and effectiveness of having a broad range of health professionals committed to all you health needs.

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Meet our Team

Castlemaine Chiropractic
Dr. Mitchell Whitham


Mitch is thrilled by the opportunity to join the N8 team and take care of the Castlemaine community, after practicing in one of QLD’s biggest chiropractic centres in sunny Cairns.

He has been inspired to become the best chiropractor he can after meeting Andrew in his first year of chiropractic school at RMIT.

Mitch has a passion for looking after children, families, and sports people and has advanced training in these areas through FICS & the inspiral series. He has also trained in the Gonstead technique since 2018, a traditional, precise and gentle manual adjusting system.

Mitch enjoys triathlon, flying small aircraft, surfing (can’t find a wave in Castlemaine), as well as watching Carlton disappoint him year after year.

Hayley Patullo
Dr. Hayley Patullo


After completing her primary and secondary education in Charlton, Hayley moved to the big smoke of Melbourne to study for 5 years at RMIT University. As an avid hockey player, her only other worry was finding a club and joined RMIT Hockey Club not long after.

Hayley decided to become a Chiropractor after a great week of Year 10 work experience in Melbourne and believing that this is something that needed to be provided in the small community she grew up in.

She is fascinated with how the body works and it’s ability to do things without even thinking about it! Hayley is looking forward to meeting new people and helping them function at their best!

Dr. Andrew Cameron

Chiropractic Licensee

Andrew graduated from Chiropractic in 1992. He first practiced in Coffs Harbour (playing the 1996 winning AFL grandfinal with North Coffs) and after marrying Jane he went to work and live in Ireland for a year. In 1997 he moved back to Bendigo to raise a family (is there anywhere better?).

Andrew and Jane established Cameron Chiropractic in 1997 which grew into n8 Health. N8 Health Bendigo is dedicated to Andrew’s grandmother Joyce, who suffered needlessly with lower back problems that left her unable to live a productive life. This was due to some poor surgical advice and operations, when a different direction could have been so easily achieved.

“In establishing N8 Health, our aim to help prevent the same loss of a productive and rewarding lifestyle.”

They have three boys Louis, Jimmy and Sol. Andrew recently retired from cricket for Kangaroo Flat (C grade) and despite getting regularly lost is a keen orienteer.

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