Buying a mattress is never fun. It takes a lot of time, it’s expensive, and you can never be sure if you got the right one until you’ve already made the purchase and taken delivery…

That’s how it seems to most consumers, anyway. But it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, those huge mattress superstores where most people go to try to find the best deals are actually hiding a few secrets and selling tactics from you that can make the whole buying process much easier.

We are chiropractors that have mattresses manufactured to suit the needs of our patients. Because we do it directly, we are able to design high quality mattresses made with top quality components. Because we have no marketing overhead or large showroom rentals and endorsements to pay, we can offer a great product at a great price.

Our goal with n8sleep partnership, is to

  1. Provide you with real information so you can source your own mattress and:
  2. Provide you the opportunity to purchase the highest of quality mattresses, fully guaranteed, based on our experience and research.

Secrets and Selling Tactics that Mattress Superstores don't want You to Know


Our simple approach has been to combine the 3 key factors. 


Too good to be true?

How can we provide mattresses that are sold in the Superstores for $9500 for under $3500? And provide a 100% guarantee?

  1. We don’t need to employ salespeople
  2. We don’t pay expensive show room rent
  3. We don’t have expensive marketing budgets.

This means, you pay for the MATTRESS and NONE of the above.



Price Starting From : $ 1199

Healthy Life

Price Starting From : $ 2050


Price Starting From : $ 1450

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