Blissful relaxation for mother and child.

CONGRATULATIONS on your coming new arrival. Pregnancy is a time of great joy and discovery for women. But as your body changes to accommodate baby, it is normal to experience some ‘growing pains’. And coming life changes along with these physical changes can be stressful at times. n8 health’s pregnancy massage is designed especially to provide relaxation and comfort to expectant mums.

Throughout your pregnancy massage, your n8 health massage therapist will ensure your body and baby are expertly supported. This is your time to nurture yourself through this time of change. As you do, baby will benefit too.

Benefits of pregnancy massage include:

  • Relieves cramps and strained muscles from bearing extra weight
  • Improves circulation and respiration
  • Teaches relaxation
  • Promotes easier labour and delivery
  • Reduces stress on joints and bone structures
  • Emotional and physical nurturing

Is massage safe during my pregnancy?

n8 health massage therapists are highly skilled and trained. But we would never recommend you have a pregnancy massage unless you have cleared this with your obstetrician or midwife.

Your pregnancy massage can work in wonderful complement to your wider pregnancy care and birth plan. Just be sure to confirm your physician is comfortable with this before you book your massage.

Nurture yourself and your precious developing baby. Contact n8 health to book your pregnancy massage

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