The opportunities for better health & wellbeing run deep

Deep tissue massage is different to other massage therapies because it targets the deepest layers of our body. Muscle tissue, tendons and ligaments are just some of the areas treated by deep tissue massage.

Your n8health massage therapist uses intense slow strokes to release deep-seated tension and toxins. We can target specific areas of concern or give you a full-body overhaul. You may experience some tenderness in massaged areas. But in the following days you will enjoy a better range of movement, less pain and greater relaxation.

Benefits of deep tissue massage include:

  • Enhanced rehabilitation from sports and other injuries
  • Quicker physical recovery
  • Relief from chronic muscle pain and tension
  • Improved mobility and freedom of movement
  • Elimination of deeply stored tension and toxins
  • Softened scar tissue and joint range
  • Greater sense of wellbeing and relaxation


Experience these rejuvenating benefits today. Contact n8 health to book your deep tissue massage.