Mind, body, spirit – all are essential pillars of your wellbeing. Even if one pillar is out of sync your health will feel the negative effects.

Since ancient times, the power of scent has been used to energise, uplift and calm. Combined with relaxation massage the use of essential oils can offer immediate benefits to wellbeing. We call this aromatherapy massage.

Our n8health massage therapist will select aromatherapy oils based on your current state of wellbeing. Your personal blend of aromatherapy oils will be burned throughout your relaxation massage. Breathe deeply as the room fills with therapeutic scent. Your massage therapist may also use aromatherapy oils directly on your skin.

Some benefits of aromatherapy massage can include:

  • Relieves hypertension and chronic pain
  • Alleviates depression, low mood and fatigue
  • Promotes relaxation and eases aches
  • Assists stress management
  • Improves skin tone and health
  • Relieves PMS and menstrual problems

Experience the rejuvenating power of scent today. Contact n8 health to book your aromatherapy massage.