Everybody is different but one thing we all share is the opportunity to benefit from massage.

n8 health massage therapists understand the many conditions that can cause pain and discomfort. We take time to understand your current physical condition and personalise a therapy to match. Our wide range of therapies each offer an individual set of benefits, but all promote improved wellbeing. At n8 health we offer:

Why choose n8 health

You will find only professionally trained and qualified massage therapists at n8 health. So you can rest assured that our therapies are expertly tailored. And you will enjoy the highest standard of care and comfort.

We understand that massage needs to fit with your budget and schedule. So we offer wonderful treatments at affordable prices. Our flexible appointment times and conveniently located Bendigo and Echuca clinics mean the benefits of massage are available to all.

New to Massage?

Feel as though a massage would benefit you but not sure what to expect? Let n8 health guide you helpfully through the process. From your first visit to tailoring ongoing therapy, we help you enjoy the many benefits of massage.  Download our What To Expect After A Massage information sheet

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