A young, developing spine is vulnerable to permanent damage, and heavy backpacks worn incorrectly are playing a major part in creating serious back issues for children.

As a special community service, the experts from n8 health Group will be visiting several schools across central and northern Victoria to undertake a free assessment of your child’s back and educate them in the correct way to wear a backpack.

As a further service, n8 health Bendigo and n8 health Echuca provide free no obligation spinal checks and advice for schoolchildren. Please contact us to make a time to present at your school or community group.

Did you know?

According to an international study*:

  • 79.1% of children feel their backpack is too heavy
  • 65.7% feel their backpack causes fatigue
  • 46.1% feel it causes back pain

Adult back pain and spinal disorders may stem from childhood activities including carrying a heavily loaded backpack for twelve years or more of schooling. Many of the current bags children are using may be fashionable, but unless they allow for even distribution across the back, they can cause pain.

*Negrini, S. & Carbolana, R. (2002). Backpacks on! Schoolchildren’s Perceptions of Load, Associations with Back Pain and Factors Determining the Load. Spine, 27(2), 187-195.

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